Yard of the Month

Starting May through September, the officers want to celebrate the finest yards in our community each month. Let's keep our community looking beautiful!  Each month, one winner will proudly display a “Yard of the Month” sign in their yard for an entire month & receive a gift certificate.

Everyone is invited to participate.  See guidelines below.
 1. Criteria
   a. Yard Maintenance.
      (1) Healthy lawn, neatly mowed and edged.
      (2) Pruned and trimmed shrubs and trees.
      (3) Healthy plants.
      (4) Minimum weeds in flowerbeds.
      (5) Yard free of debris and clutter.
      (6) Driveway free of oil and other stains.
   b. Design and Landscaping.
      (1) Use of color and/or texture
      (2) Creative, unique, curb appeal
      (3) Overall aesthetic appeal, an inspiration to others in the neighborhood
      (4) Balance appropriate to house and lot size.
2. One home will be selected each month.
3. Each yard will be limited to winning the award only once in any calendar year.
4. Only the front yards as viewed from the street will be judged. Backyards will only be considered if visible from the street.
5. All plantings must be living, no plastic, silk or artificial plants.
6. Current HOA Officers are not eligible.
7. Winner must be in good standing with the Willowynd HOA:
   a. Dues paid in full.
   b. In compliance with the Willowynd HOA Covenants.
8. Members of the Willowynd HOA Board will judge, determine and select the Yard of the Month prior to the award being given.
9. Yard of the Month sign will be placed in the winning yard and is to remain the entire month.
10. Judges decisions are final.

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